What is this mess?

First of all, go and read this article. It’s by Thom Lawrence, who (I believe) started using convex hulls this way. It motivated me to rewrite my old code and add the territory resilience info.

Explaining Passing Heatmaps

You should know, I have very strong opinions on presenting passes as arrows just dumped there on the field. If you are doing this for a whole team, you’ll (most probably) get an unreadable mess where each pattern gets lost. Plotting individual players this way, also doesn’t make much sense because football is complex (if … Continue reading Explaining Passing Heatmaps

Explaining My Passing Nets

The idea to present a piece of the real world as a network of interactions originates from the intersection of complexity theory and network science. When applied to football, it results in a perfect tool to summarize a game in harmony with its complex nature. Addressing different aspects of the team organization and performance, not … Continue reading Explaining My Passing Nets

VAEP Framework – Practical Applications Vol.1

Evaluating & comparing players is, without a doubt, the most fundamental task in football analysis. Everybody does that: clubs in every-day life as well as in recruitment, journalists and even fans who want to prove a point and justify horrible takes on Twitter.